Protecting Wisdom

Tibetan Book Covers from the MacLean Collection
Designers: Lorraine Wild, Xiaoqing Wang and Joe Potts, Green Dragon Office

Kathryn Selig Brown, the author, tells us, ”For Tibetan Buddhists, books are a divine presence in which the Buddha lives and reveals himself, and they are venerated and handled with the utmost respect. …Book covers thus act as protectors and guardians of the Buddha, and the wondrously adorned covers provide a way for good-karmaseeking patrons to honor him.”

On the cover of our book, we wanted to simulate the feel of the deeply carved wooden Tibetan book covers. We multi-level embossed a photo of one of the beautiful Tibetan covers and then inserted the photo into the cover. We gold gilded the edges of the book and placed the book into a saffron colored slipcase to remind us of the robes worn by the monks who spend their lives writing, carving and protecting these sacred manuscripts.

Structural design by the Actualizers, binding and finishing by Roswell Bookbinding. Entire project actualized by us.