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"I would highly recommend The Actualizers for their amazing production management skills.  The Actualizers helped me by providing their services, as production managers, for over 20 years for a number of large projects I worked on for the Serendipity 3 brand.  I found their experience to be extensive and could completely trust their team to represent our company."

Joe Calderone
Director of Marketing and Branding
Serendipity 3

Amie Cooper has proved to be an invaluable resource to the Corporate Identity team at Johnson & Johnson. Amie manages our print-production from creating mechanicals, gathering competitive bids, attending press-checks. She knows who the best and most sustainable printers are in the industry, and she doesn't settle for anything less than great quality. She has come through for us when deadlines are extremely tight, and even helped me staff my team through her network of talented people. Without Amie, we would not have been as successful in our endeavors, and I highly recommend her.

Amy Sheppard
Design Director, Corporate Identity
Johnson & Johnson

Here it is.  If it absolutely has to get done Amie can do it.


Seymour Chwast
Pushpin Studios

When it comes to print production and project management, I can recommend Amie Cooper and Mikki Kalar of the Actualizers without reservations. I have worked with Amie on many projects over the years, both as stem-to-stern print buyer and supervisor or as a consultant on particular production questions or vendor analysis. In my current role as head of a museum publications program whose reputation for publishing excellence precedes me, I call on Amie for consultation on issues large and small. And full participation when possible. In addition to perfect pitch for color at prepress and on-press stages (proved again in an award-winning book of 2016), Amie has a special knack for creative packaging—from a custom wood box for a special edition of a book on Japanese art to internal packing for the carton of a six-volume set. Importantly, the Actualizers keep up with printers from the West Coast to Western Europe and can recommend placement with the one best suited for any given project to ensure your money is spent responsibly. 

Moreover, Amie and Mikki bring a rare combination of steadiness and joy to their work, which makes them a pleasure to work with. In short, they and their team truly do embody an old slogan of The Actualizers: “your print production wizards.”


Joseph N. Newland
Director of Publishing
The Menil Collection

I have had the pleasure of working with Amie (and The Actualizers) at Dyson. Her expertise in print production undoubtedly saved the company much time and money at a very crucial time. In the short time we've worked together, she has taught me many aspects of the business that very much interested me and furthered my knowledge of print. She has very high standards and her integrity is #1. I look forward to working with Amie and her company on future projects, and I would recommend her with the highest regards....


Rosario D'Rivera
Studio Manager

I enthusiastically recommend The Actualizers. I have known and worked with their production management team for 19 years. We have produced a number of award winning books together and we are currently producing several upcoming exhibition and book projects together. Their team is consistently reliable, with excellent attention to detail in all aspects of book production. In my experience, every project has been handled with the utmost competence and professionalism.  They continue to be a pleasure to work with and produce outstanding museum related products.


Richard A. Pegg, Ph.D.
Director and Curator of Asian Art
The MacLean Collection

It’s with pleasure that I recommend both Amie Cooper and Mikki Kalar of The Actualizers as graphic producers. I started working with The Actualizers while I was the creative director at Virgin/Capitol Records from 2002 to 2007 and continue to work extensively with them now that I have my own studio.  I have always been impressed with their creative abilities to “actualize” my concepts and follow through to produce amazing products in budget and on time.  Both Amie and Mikki have vast experience in marketing and design solutions and collaborating with them has increased my ability to fulfill our clients’ needs at Echo Designlab and theConspiracy.


Sean M. Smith
Echo Designlab & theConspiracy

I am writing in regard to the work and working relationship I have enjoyed with The Actualizers over the past two years. As VP Marketing at Superstock and now Digital Railroad Inc. I have produced a great deal of print collateral primarily targeted at the sophisticated Advertising and Graphic Design market. We have produced Direct mail and most significantly photo books and in my experience in the USA and Europe, I have not enjoyed the services of more accomplished and skilled print managers. From the inception of our Art book, for example, they were involved from the first design meetings to the delivery of the finished piece- helping us realize a project in all its complexity, steering us around issues which would have thwarted our efforts and enabling us to bring the job in on budget and on time. I am truly indebted to them for so much.


Paul Ryall
VP, Marketing
Digital Railroad Inc.

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