We are a full-service production management company established in 1987 to assist the creative community in actualizing concepts for complex projects that require more expertise and/or manpower than is otherwise available.

Working with clients as diverse as The Donna Karan Company, Girl Scouts of the USA, Johnson & Johnson and Rubin Museum of Art, we have met amazingly brilliant talent and have aided in the production of phenomenal packages, art books, Branding materials and concepts that otherwise would never have been brought to fruition. 

The Actualizers help determine project objectives and priorities, and supervise day-to-day workflow for our clients. We are known for our exact color matching ability and pre-press management skills. With a vast knowledge of resources available for manufacturing, we are able to connect the right plant with the right equipment to the right project for you. The Actualizers is able to manage projects from the developmental stages through on-site supervision to delivery of final products.


Amie Cooper

Amie Cooper started the Actualizers in 1987 believing that there needed to be a better liaison between creative teams and manufacturing plants. Amie was trained as a graphic designer at one of the best art schools in the country. One of the things she was not taught she craved. How does one PRODUCE a package or book or letterhead commercially! She took it upon herself to learn. She went to work in the paper industry, at a bindery, and at a printer. After eight years, she opened the Actualizers to help provide other designers the best way to get their projects produced.
Amie offers her skills in pre-press and press supervision with a passion for exact color matching. With her love of brainstorming, she has also become an invaluable asset to marketing strategists and conceptual development teams.


Mikki Kalar

Mikki worked in production management for corporations, advertising agencies, design firms and printers for twenty years before leaving Minnesota to come to New York. Her passion for structural construction and an opportunity to become Director of Production for a newly formed Specialty Packaging Division of Time Warner was her motivation. During her five year stay with this division, she produced special edition packages for groups and vocal artists such as, Metallica, R.E.M., Led Zeppelin, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, The Beatles, The Doors, Eazy-E, and others. While collaborating with the Actualizers to find a black, plastic mesh bag for the Wax Trax Records’ metal “Black Box” package, Mikki was lured away to become the Actualizers’ packaging and binding specialist. In 1997 she became Partner at the Actualizers. With her obsession to detail, she also provides project trafficking, develops and monitors schedules, maintains client budgets and reviews final vendor billing.