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Early To Medieval Chinese Pottery

The MacLean Collection

Designers: Lorraine Wild and Xiaoqing Wang,

Green Dragon Office


This is one of the books we worked on which the Pandemic impeded its progress to completion. We began working with the designers of this book in 2020 and needed to change our expectations of publishing the book in 2021. Pre-press houses, printing and bindery plants were either closed or short staffed for 2021 through early 2023. Shipping facilities were at a standstill, terribly expensive or unreliable. Even today, with many paper mills closing or not making paper on a regular basis, printing papers are still difficult to purchase throughout the world. 


In early 2022, we began to work with the Publisher, Insight Editions, imprint Weldon Owen International. We worked hand in hand with their production management department, jointly writing print specs, reviewing color, reviewing structural mock-ups, bluelines and F&G's.


The headbands were custom dyed to match the color of the cloth. The type on the slipcase and book cover were silk-screened and debossed to compliment the lime green of the end sheets, the interior liner of the slipcase and the lime green type used in the interior of the book.


Dr. Pegg, Director and Curator of Asian Art, for the MacLean Collection, said, " The production of a catalogue requires the specialized skills and coordination of a number of participants. First and foremost are the masters of balancing the many moving parts of production management, Amie Cooper and Mikki Kalar of the Actualizers."

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