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A Vast, Pointless Gyration of Radioactive Rocks and Gas in Which You Happen to Occur

Book accompanying A24 film:
Everything Everywhere All At Once


From the minds of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, a wild journey through the five prevailing multiverse theories, as told by a wide-ranging group of writers and scientists and eleven illustrators.


Designer and Illustrator: Chris Svensson


One of the most interesting and challenging parts of this book was figuring out how to create the design concept that Chris was looking for on the case cover. First, we printed both the front and back covers overall with silver COLD foil and Chris’ artwork in 4/C process. Then we laminated the covers with gloss lamination. The last step on the covers was to matte UV just the black type. But we needed to treat the spine differently than the covers because the type and A24 logo were so small and delicate. So, we decided to HOT foil stamp the entire spine with matte black and then HOT foil stamp the gloss silver text on top of it.


The interior of the book is a bit more conventional. 4-page endsheets, 160 pages on two different text papers, and three small tip-in booklets on a third text paper. Smythe sewn, head and tail bands, and a square spine.


The Actualizers aided in writing printing and binding specifications and managing the production between A24, Chris Svensson and Die Keure in Belgium. All of this on a very tight deadline!

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